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Shelter / Yad LeBanim Center – Ramat Yishai Proposal for the competition

Monuments, buildings and memorial sites in Israel have challenged local architecture since the beginning of the Zionist struggle for the resettlement of Eretz Yisrael. The architecture of commemoration accompanied and completed the Zionist ethos and was physically expressed: figuratively, symbolically or abstractly. The design proposed for this competition attempts to critically and sensitively examine the architecture of commemoration and its place at this time, out of respect for local tradition.

On the site, the existing public shelter, a familiar and replicated structure found in every city and town throughout Israel, clearly represents the Israeli public space and is linked to the exact same Zionist ethos. In this proposal, the main component of the “shelter” is dismantled – the roof, and it remains exposed, open and vulnerable, yet at the same time full of confidence.

The Yad Lebanim building is intended to fulfill its civic functional purpose and its design seeks not to express any physical expression of bereavement or memory, neither formally nor abstractly.