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Stone / Eilat Municipality Building, proposal for the competition

The Eilat area has the largest variety of rocks in the country: trending rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. This rich variety of rocks, is related to the geological development of the Eilat area over the last billion years. The dominance of these rocks characterizes the landscape of Eilat and its surroundings. The building’s foundation, built of local composite stone, mediates between the garden level and the square level and serves as the basis for the light copper structure placed above it. There are many examples of the use of local gemstone, combined with modern architectural language, in post-state Israeli architecture. Among other places in Eilat, in the Philip Murray Histadrut House designed by Abba Elhanani in 1956, and in many projects by Rechter, Nadler Nadler Bixon Gil, Hanan Habaron and more.

Copper mining in the Eilat area began more than 6,000 years ago. Timna is home to the oldest mine in the world, belonging to the period when man first learned to produce copper. Here, too, the technological revolution in human history began for the use of metal for everyday needs.

The use of these materials, which have geographical, historical and geological connections, contribute to the formation of a unique local identity, to the structure and its connection to its environment.