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The reference

The reference on the margins of the text of the academic essay, becomes the focus of the content and the focal point in this exhibition. The play on words expresses the presentation of the works of Malka Architects in a broader cultural and local context, and illuminates the sources of inspiration that guides its architectural work.

The exhibition presents projects that the firm has designed over the past decade, and which evoke questions of local, cultural and historical identity. The works were born out of a learning perspective, striving for dialogue with the “Israeli Project” as a source of inspiration and out of a commitment to the continuity of a local culture that it represents.

There is also a dialogue with the place itself in the phenomenological sense, posing a real challenge in applying the architecture placed in it and which tries to become part of it, whether by historical, material or formal quotation.

The exhibition presents the sources of inspiration in a two-dimensional graphic, as opposed to the physical, three-dimensional architectural models, which represent the concrete architectural interpretation of the place.

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